special FEATURES

  • The mirror speaks your language. English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or German.

  • Happy Booth can play! Choose your game and keep your guests entertained, ideal for kids (or the kid that is in you). 

  • We have a scream contest feature. Let’s get loud!

  • Because you are unique, we have personalized Custom Watermarks for your prints.

unique images and videos

Captura de pantalla 2018-09-20 a la(s) 04.35.27.png
  • Sign, draw and write all over your photos before printing them to make them your own.

  • Ready to print and share in real time on social media.

  • Create animated GIF’s and videos with your photos for extra fun.

  • You can print a photo for every person that is in the picture.

Amazing props and decor

Captura de pantalla 2018-09-20 a la(s) 04.17.54.png
  • Depending on the theme of your event, we have several sets of props to choose from.

  • We can also decorate the mirror for the occasion. The Happy Booth will be dressed up and ready.

  • You have a special theme in mind? Tell us and we can make it happen!